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    Casino rock island

    The pretty gambling boat CASINO ROCK ISLAND left here today, supposedly enroute to Peoria. As I type, she is in pool 17, underway on her own power. In my mind, she was the prettiest of all the gambling boats. When I saw her from the stern, she looked just like a small NATCHEZ, according to her sheer. Of course, sheer and camber are hindrances on a gambling boat, so she is now replaced by a landbased building(its over some water tributary to the Mississippi, wink wink). Word is the CRI is going to Peoria, as are the other boats in the complex: towboat TG GEROW, dredge OCKERSON, and towboat EFFIE AFTON nee MATEUR.
    The arrghhh and gnashing of teeth is because I can't find an entire album of CRI photos in this pile/file system of mine. So here is the only shot I have handy of the complex. That's the CRI on the riverside, the TG GEROW with the OCKERSON and MATEUR partially visible...
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    CRI progress, or lack thereof

    The CRI is still in pool 17 this morning, so she is either tying up for the night or is having some difficulties. I wonder how well she can function after not cruising for about 15 years. I believe they had weekly engine startups, but she never left the dock once the dockside gambling was approved.



      My sentiments exactly. As a veteran of five good-looking gamlin' boats, I agree that the CRI is simply a wedding cake. Why cannot someone buy and run her the way Captain Bernstein did for the EMERALD LADY, now the BELLE OF CINCY?

      What a beautiful boat. The CRI was built at LeeVac Shipyard in Jennings, LA. Did Rodney Lay design her? He did the Jennings-built faux sidewheelers; one of which is the COLUMBIA QUEEN. I think he also designed Bernie Goldstein's paddlewheelers. PLAYERS RIVERBOAT CASINO was the first of the boats built in the CQ style and I helped her bring out of the Mermentau River.

      Riverboat casino boats are fast becoming a whisper in the wind; a moment in time on the surface of the waters, but a very exciting chapter in river history filled with some very great boats and interesting crews. If one wasn't a part of it, they will never know what it was really like; especially when the boats ran and we did what we did best.


        CRI destination

        According to today's paper, the CRI is headed for Chillicothe, which is some 20 miles above Peoria on the Illinois River. She has not been sold yet, so she'll be fleeted there, as will the rest of the boats when they depart the Rock Island waterfront later this week.