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    Judy, your latest Lodder pix...I have another nerdy question...the middle picture, am I right in that it is also of the Texas, starboard side looking forward? If it is, when did the walls surrounding the double stack go from curvy to square edged, or vis-versa? I thought the curvy walls and different column tops were on the Cabin Deck only but I'm not seeing any indication of stairs to the bow in this picture and the "cabinet" at the front center outside wall of the Texas, where the award is hung now for the Missouri River trip, appears the same in both pix. Your third picture is definitely the Forward Cabin Lounge port side looking forward, you can see a bit of the stairs down to the bow. But the first and second pictures appear to be of the Texas both from approximately the same camera angle...confusing with the different center wall configurations...what am I missing here?

    More pictures for my "Delta Queen Stuff" file on my computer, thanks


      Picture in true 1953 color

      Here's the same picture of the texas lounge in color. I scanned it from a post card. I would date the picture from 1952-1955. When did Andy Lodder leave the Greene Line?
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        Bruno, I assumed too that was the Texas Lounge as I see no stairs. The curtains are the same as in the Cabin Deck photo, but that would make sense, as they made the curtains themselves, I believe, so using the same material throughout would have been cheaper. But as to the curved vs. squared off area, that sure does look more Cabin Deck. dunno....