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Jim's Dream Alongside the Delta Queen

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    Jim's Dream Alongside the Delta Queen

    Owners and friends of were onboard Jim's Dream upbound from Louisville on August 24, 2008 when I captured them in this video.

    YouTube - Jim's Dream Chases Delta Queen

    Can I just say that the colors on my video camera look much better than this youtube one. The price of compression I guess.

    Here's a link back to Jim's account of the trip.


    Pat, thanks so much for posting the video of JIM'S DREAM chasing the DELTA QUEEN. What a wonderful day that was and what a wonderful crew we had aboard the DREAM. Times like that don't come often enough in this life. Although the reason for our chasing the DQ was sad; it being perhaps the last chance we could do it, the day was a lot of fun.
    I'm not sure what our caper will be next summer but, whatever it is, our DELTA QUEEN chase will be hard to beat.



      YES JIM,, it was a fun time ,,and Thank You for sharing the DREAM with us,
      And THANK YOU PAT for posting your video of it,..Looking forward to next years ramble,..JIM,,Only wish we could figure out how to fit the Steam CaLLiope wagon on your top deck,,:)


        Suggestion on the 2009 Ramble...

        Start at the 4th Street Wharf (Mile 602.3 or there abouts, perhaps the new transient boat harbour at Waterfront Park...lots of free parking there!) and head down river to Mc Harrys Tomb (which I believe is about mile 620 OHR) and return.

        This would be an all day adventure (at least 6-8 hours depending on the lock). Perhaps all involved (aka: passengers) would be willing to help foot the bill for the fuel as it would be the longest trip we have made. We can't ask Jim to cover for this one.

        We could all bring a dish for a buffet, go down river and lock thru, have lunch just before arrival near the Tomb and then head back up river.

        If we were to do it in the early to middle part of June, the weather should be very nice (cooler and less humid) than some of our earlier rambles.




          Wonderful idea, Travis! Especially about us all chipping in on the fuel cost - that was how the first trip was supposed to be, but it's never happened, because Jim doesn't like to collect the money. I will volunteer to do that! The chicken is still a good idea - we all chip in on that also - buffets can get a bit cumbersome, even on a boat with all the amenities that JIM'S DREAM has - especially when you're coming from Florida!

          Also, June sounds great! Maybe the out of town river rats will get lucky again, and Keith can manage to schedule his Howard Museum River program during the same time frame..............................

          Pat Traynor