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What about the other boats?

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    What about the other boats?

    We've heard and read the rumors about the Delta Queen's questionably proper lay-up and security...and also the rumors about the value of the MQ's hull...

    What is the latest news on the other five Majestic America Line boats, Mississippi and West Coast? Deb and I are especially curious about what may happen to the boats of the original Delta Queen Steamboat Company (not "inc.").

    So what will be happening to the AQ, and CQ? I heard rumors to what was gonna happen to the AQ, bit I guess it was only that, a rumor.

    I'm also curious about the EOTN, QOTW and that little one, the Contessa...just to see if my worries are well founded, as I suspect these people aren't gonna stop being geniuses with just TWO of their boats, no sirree...

    Anybody know...?
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    The Empress of the North has already been turned back over to MARAD.

    Mr. Ueberroth stated in the quarterly earnings conference call that if the American Queen is not sold, negotiations will begin to turn her back over to MARAD as well.

    He gave no indication what the ultimate fate of the remaining boats would be.