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    Originally posted by mel hartsough View Post
    ... on the DQ with Kari Preston. I had to girls on my crew and was proud of them both.
    What happened to Kari; does anyone know? She was second mate on the DQ when I was watchman. Later she earned her first class pilots license and was one of the DQ's Cumberland River pilots. Last I heard she was out on blue waters, but that was fifteen years ago.


      Yeah I heard that too Frank. were you on when I was Mate? I got Kari her first job as a cocktail waitress and then got her on the DQ Decking. When I was gonna go to the Memphis Mate, Master ,and Pilot school for Pilots license I gave up my spot for Kari so she could get her Mates License. Last I Heard about 10 years ago she was a Deep Sea Master and had a house in Coasta Rica.