Str. Natchez Whistle

Listen to the whistle of the Natchez: MP 3

The Natchez has a three-chime Lunkenheimer steam whistle. The origin of this whistle is not clear but tradition has it that it once was on a steamboat and then was placed on the South Side Mill of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp at Pittsburgh. According to the S&D Reflector, September 1974’s issue, the Delta Queen delivered this very whistle to the Frisbie Engine & Machine Works at Cincinnati - the Frisbie firm attended to getting the brass bells polished. It was then shipped to Wilbur and Bill Dow at New Orleans who was to install it on the (then brand new) steamboat Natchez.

The Natchez whistle is said to be the only one that could make a grown man cry. The narrators on the Natchez always warn passengers with babies at seats close the whistle.


Natchez Steam Whistle

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