The Admiral's Calliope

Listen to several minutes of calliope music from the Str. Admiral in 1969. One section has been playd while the boat was in dock, and the other while coming back upstream. The climax of the calliope is the wonderful sounds you hear when it goes under the two bridges before laying up in port to disembark the passengers. The first bridge is the MacArthur Bridge; the second is the Poplar Street bridge.

Listen to the Calliope of the Str. Admiral (MP3).

This recording was taped live aboard the Streckfus Steamer Admiral on Sunday, August 24, 1969, at St. Louis, MO, by David Tschiggfrie. The calliopist was Dick Renna.

Thanks to David Tschiggfrie for the recordings and to Stephen M. McMullen for sending to us.

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