The Tutshi was launched in June 1917 by the British Yukon Navigation Company. The boat was 167 ft. long and held 110 passengers. Over the time more staterooms had been added on the texas deck to accomodate more passengers.

Built especially for the tourist business on the Southern Lakes (lakes right next to Carcross: Tagish Lake and Atlin Lake) she had a keel instead of a flat bottom like the riverboats on the Yukon River.

The Tutshi mainly served as a pleasure boat for cruise ship passengers arriving at Skagway, AK, and being transferred to Carcross by railroad. But occasionally she also carried mail and freight.

In 1925 the Tutshi, originally build to be fired by wood, was converted so she could now burn oil as well.

In 1955 the career of the S.S. Tutshi ended and she was hauled out of the water. 1972 the steamer was acquired by the Yukon government and restored. In 1990 a fire destroyed most of the Tutshi. Today, the remainings of this tragic fire are on display at Carcross, Y.T. right next to the Whitepass and Yukon Railroad station. The exhibit features most of the machinery, especially the two steam engines, boiler, metal parts of the paddlewheel and the front part of the hull (see picture).

Many thanks to Frank Prudent who was lucky enough to visit Carcross prior to 1990 and sent us pictures from the SS Tutshi before she burned down.

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S. S. Tutshi
Carcross, Yukon Territory Y0B 1B0, Canada
geo: lat. 60.1662; long. -134.699869
Opening Hours: open air exhibit, freely accessible.

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