Hermann, MO

The German School Museum

The German School Museum is featuring the history of Hermann, MO. Parts of this history is the steamboat family Heckmann. Author Dorothy Heckmann-Shrader donated a huge part of her collection to the museum. A nice pilot house replica is the centerpiece of the river room. The river room also houses a couple of steamboat models.

The German School Museum
312 Schiller Street
Hermann, MO 65041
Phone (573) 486-2017
Opening Hours: Apr - Oct Mon - Sat 10 am - 4 pm, Sun noon - 4 pm

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Historic Hermann Museum

Pilothouse replica and smoke stacks of the steamer John Heckmann

Crossing the bridge on MO 19 into Hermann you will see the pilothouse replica and the smoke stacks of the steamer JOHN HECKMANN (#3072) on the right side. The original solid pilot wheel is featured inside the replica. Enjoy the view over the Missouri River.

Satellite picture and map at Google Maps:
MO 19 bridge

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