Changes since the "edition 2 (2007)" version of THE STEAMBOAT TRAVELLER book

Carcross, Y.T., Canada

added: S.S. Tutshi, the remainings of a historic sternwheeler in the Yokon Territory that burnt down in 1990.

Winona, MN

removed the entry for the Julius C. Wilkie as the boat's replica had been demolished and removed from the riverfront by he City of Winona in 2008. nothing to see there anymore, unfortunately.

Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen, American Queen

Since Majestic America Line has decided to quit river cruise business at the end of the 2008 season, and the Delta Queen's exemption from SOLAS regulations expires end of October 2008, the Delta Queen has been moved to Chattanooga, serving as a hotel there. The American Queen has been returned to the MARAD and is located at the MARAD facilities at Beaumont, TX, for now. The Mississippi Queen - out of order already since end of 2007, is still docked at Perry Street Wharf at New Orleans with a unclear future.

Hampton, IL

added: Fisherman's Corner campground at Hampton, IL, a great place to watch the boats lock through Lock 14, Upper Mississippi River.

Louisville, KY

added: Howard Family's grave site at the Cave Hill National Cemetery.  


Changes since the "edition 1 (2006)" version of THE STEAMBOAT TRAVELLER book

Le Claire, Iowa

The City of Le Claire, Iowa, has a new website:

Dubuque, Iowa

added: Julien Dubuque Monument, a great overlook over the Mississippi River and the city of Dubuque.

Minneapolis Area, Excelsior, MN

The Steamboat MINNEHAHA has a new website:, and is operated now by the Museum of Lake Minnetonka.

New Orleans, LA / St. Louis, MO

Delta Queen steamboat company bought by Majestic America Line, moving the operational office from New Orleans to St. Louis.

New Orleans Area, LA

The Magnolia Belle has a new website:

Vicksburg, MS

The Catfish Row Landing Park is now finished and open to the public.

LaCrosse, WI

The opening hours of the Riverside Museum have changed.

Newport, KY, and Covington, KY

The USS Nightmare was moved from Newport to Covington.

Marietta, OH

The Becky Thatcher Restaurant went out of business.

New Entries:

Yukon & Chena River: Whitehorse, Carcross, Dawson City, Fairbanks

Columbia & Willamette Rivers: Astoria, Portland, Salem, Hood River, Cascade Locks, Stevenson

Sacramento River: Sacramento, CA

Lake Champlain: Shelburne, VT

Lake Gorge: Lake George, NY

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