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Date: August 01, 2002 at 07:01:22
From: Franz Neumeier, []
Subject: Re: riverrat - please identify you!


the rules on this message board are to post with full, real name. If you can't stand with your name for what you are writing, you must not write.

I'm not willing to accept ridiculous kindergarten style discussions about names of the participiants of this board.

An other reason is: This web site ist hosted in Germany, so it has to follow German laws. This makes me responsible for every word posted here on the board. So there are two options: Trust in the participiants and let them write directly to the board or control every message before it goes online. The later I'm definitely not willing and able to. So I want to know who is posting. No exceptions.

You are very welcome to read this board, but you won't post any message any more as long as I don't see your real name in the postings.

Franz Neumeier

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