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Date: July 24, 2002 at 05:43:57
From: Phyllis Dale, []
Subject: Re: The Captains Log

Mike, your writings just keep getting better and better. What a best seller this is going to be in the steamboats' gift shops. They have to be published and I know they will. If only I could win the lottery.

We anxiously wait for the next one and the next one.
Thank you from the bottom of our Steamboatin' Hearts.

The MQ July 10th Reunion was unbelievable. I've got so much to write about and as soon as I can take some time to focus on it, I'll post a message. The whole cruise was filled with emotion. I'm still on a high.

More later. Oh...I've got to tell you that the bookings are coming in steady. Our steamboats are selling. The "Miracle on 34th Street" became the "Miracle at Robin Street Wharf!.

There will come a time in the near future when people will have to book a year in advance or more to get a cabin on the boats. This is the way it was several years ago and it's going to happen again.

It's a Rebirth, it's a Revival, it's the New Delta Queen Steamboat Company with the high standards of the company we knew and loved years ago.

Steamboatin' Hugs, Phyllis

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