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Date: July 21, 2002 at 21:57:38
From: Jazzou, []
Subject: Re: Reunion Cruise with Phyllis and Bud


I saw you from a distance on the MQ in Louisville. Glad you made it on down to the MQ to see her off on the Phyllis & Bud reunion cruise. Thought of you when we passed Rabbit Hash and what fun it was to see you on the River Queen so recently. At least you had that one day off! And when you think about it, it was a rare opportunity for a river person to experience my bar concoctions. It was fun seeing you, Kathy Lake, James, Barb Hameister and everyone else on the Rabbit Hash cruise. As I head back to the DQ and her excellent calliope I'll look forward to seeing you out there again somewhere.


Great seeing you and Jack and everyone else on the first two days of the reunion cruise. Would love to have cruised all the way to Pittsburgh (well, Wellsburg), but had to get back home to Maine. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Long live the Queens!

All the best,

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