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Date: May 21, 2002 at 23:58:00
From: Travis C. Vasconcelos, []
Subject: Re: Delta King's "parts"


Here is the little bit of information I have on the "parts" from the Delta King.

In 1981, the Str. Delta Queen cracked her paddlewheel shaft about 100 miles below Louisville, KY on the Ohio River. There was considerable concern about the replacement. Later it was determined the shaft and remaining engine of the Str. Delta King were stored at Capt. John Beatty's place.

Capt. Beatty operated a well known river salvage firm on the Ohio River at Warsaw, KY. His Father began the business in the heyday of steamboating and Capt. Beatty was a well respected and knowledgeable river man with considerable ties to the remaning steamboats on the rivers.

Initially, the concern was Greene Line was the owner, and Delta Queen Steamboat Company had not upheld the storage payments. I never heard what happened with this concern. But, the shaft was delivered from Beatty's to Jeffboat, in Jeffersonville, IN. where the new paddlewheel for the Str. Delta Queen was fabricated on it. So, someone paid someone!

I remember seeing the shaft and engine at Capt. Beatty's landing in back in 1979. I had stopped there while following the Str. Delta Queen and Str. Mississippi Queen on their first "Great Steamboat Race", which for historical buffs, ran from New Orleans to Cincinnati....instead of the now common New Orleans to St. Louis.

Back to the story, both pieces of equipment were highly rusted and lacking insulation or paint.

Capt. John Beatty passed in the early 1990's. I do not know what happened to the engine carcass from the Str. Delta King. One could assume Delta Queen Steamboat Company has it stored somewhere in New Orleans. Perhaps others that frequent this site can catch you up on the details from there

Today the original shaft of the Str. Delta King is on the stern of the Str. Delta Queen. The shaft of the Str. Delta Queen is on the property of the Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, IN. The Museum personel have built a 1/2 of a paddlewheel on the carcass of it.

I assume the crosshead's of the Str. Delta King did not make the trip east, as the Delta Queen Steamboat Company spent considerable money in restoring the damged crosshead on the Str. Delta Queen in 1992. The Str. Delta Queen spent several days at Louisville, KY while this restoration took place.

Hope this is the beginning of several posts to bring us all up to date on the remains of the Str. Delta King's mechanical compliment. It will be interestng to find out the ultimate outcome of the rest of her "parts".


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