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Date: May 10, 2002 at 20:30:28
From: Travis C. Vasconcelos, []
Subject: Re: The Captains Log


Although I am not even one iota sure this is the idea. Today the Str. DQ could be put on a container ship and hauled around safely. Besides, I am sure Capt Mike is talking about a "one trip pony" of sorts...if in fact any of us are right on this assumption. Not (I hope) a perminant move!

Imagine the Delta tiwns reunited for a one trip proposition. I'd love to see the Delta Queen and Delta King tied up together at Old Sacramento. Done right, the passengers could ride her around (on a container ship) to San Francisco, up the Sacramento and on to San Jaoquin River to Stockton (the birth place of the twins) then back to the bay, load her back on the container ship and come home to the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers (where she belongs).

With the proper loading equipment and a container ship. The trip is not only possible but, more than likely easier than either of us could comprehend (we ain't blue water folk...I hear they can do some pretty amazing things out there). Only the money (I can't even imagine what ticket prices would be to accomodate this idea) would stand in the way of a success.

Even I'd have to consider selling the homestead to make that trip! Of course, I am an hard-core adverturer at heart...which is why I even cotton (maybe I am a hick at, perish the thought!) to the idea.


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