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Date: April 24, 2002 at 04:27:26
From: Phyllis Dale, []
Subject: It Took a Team!

Dear Friends,

The latest messages have been absolutely heartwarming.

These are exciting days for Steamboating in America.

Captain Mike's reports will surely go down in the

history books of Steamboating in the 21st Century.

What it took to get our beloved steamboats cruising


A Great operations team and staff in New Orleans,

dedicated past passengers and travel agents believing

that revenue was the key to keeping our steamboats

comin' around the bend, several thousand folks who

sent in Save Our Queens forms and envelopes (the

return addresses were a wonderful marketing tool for

the New Orleans office and it meant so much for the

staff to see all the support enclosed in those

envelopes, loyal employees who stuck it out through a

lot of hardships so they could once again come back to

their second homes, a hard working crew putting long

and strenuous hours into getting the boats ready to

cruise and now soon to be announced new owners with

the capital needed to bring all the sisters back

together again.

The tradition of Steamboating lives on and will

continue for generations to come.

Yes, we are a team! A winning team!

We've Saved the Delta Queen and the Mississippi Queen

and now we'll save her sisters.

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