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Date: May 14, 2006 at 06:34:02
From: Pete Baker, []
Subject: Re: Chateaugay to the S.S. Mount Washington - pictures



Correct! I was unable to download photos so I e-mail Franz with photo attachments. Franz chose the one of the original Mount Washington. It was replaced after the fire with the Chateaugay/Mount Washington in 1940. The Mount's engines were "borrowed" for the war efforts. I'm not sure if they were ever returned. The boat has always been diesel powered since I have cruised on her. In the early to mid 80's she was cut midship and a 25' section added. Her classification has gone from "S.S." to "M/V" to "M/S". The Mount Washington has gone thru several metamorphyses sinve moving from Vermont.

My wife and I travel to NH frequently. We want to take a dinner cruise some time soon as we haven't been on the Mount in almost 40 yrs.

Check out the history link!


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