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Date: May 12, 2006 at 19:03:04
From: Travis C. Vasconcelos, []
Subject: Re: NATCHEZ/TALL STACKS and NOLA /Docnotes

Amen Judy!

To quote Capt Clarke Campbell ("Doc") Hawley, "New Orleans is the pot of gold at the end of a 2000 mile rainbow of waters".

Not to rebuild is to let not only our national history (Don't forget the Louisiana Purchase, was it not New Orleans that President Jackson so desired?) be lost but, to destroy a part of the fabric which makes us the great and diverse nation we have become.

We need New Orleans as much as we need New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Vegas. They are a essential part of the tourism of this nation. New Orleans offers so much more as it is part of river history, part of the very reason for the growth of this nation from sea to shining sea, the progenitor of Jazz music, something the world today enjoys because of pioneering musicians in the ghettos and bawdy houses of New Orleans.

To let this National Treasure go would be akin to the destruction of the Washington Monument, the toppling of the St. Louis Arch, the creation of a residential neighborhood in the Grand Canyon, or the paving of the Mississippi River herself.

We all have some natural disaster possibility where ever we live in this nation. In California it is earthquakes, in the mid west it is tornados, in the gulf and east coast it is hurricanes. I bet we wouldn't be having this discussion if the hurricane had decimated New York (sorry for the political jab....I couldn't help myself).

Yet, New Orleans is just as important. So why are we having this conversation now?

We should all start a letter writing campaign in support of New Orleans to our representatives in Washington DC. I think I will do that right now.

Anyone wanna join me?


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