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Date: May 09, 2006 at 16:44:53
From: pat traynor, [verified user]
Subject: Re: Steamboat Race Chart


Master:Captain Mike Williams
Chief Engineer: Harold Kent
Pilot: Captain Bobby Powell
Pilot: Captain Harold Schultz
First Mate: Alan Johnson
2nd Mate: Dave Hardesty
First Asst. Engineer: John Brooks, Jr.
2nd Asst. Engineer: Seth Harris

Complete Officer List:

Hotel Manager: Lloyd Camel
Chief Purser: Jane Gibson
Gift Shop Purser: Pat Taylor
Human Resources: Jacque Bogue
Exec. Housekeeper: William Dorsey
Bar Manager: Anne Marie Fischbach
Chief Steward: Al Desio
Maitre d' Hotel: Darryl Reed
Executive Chef: Lincoln Nixon
Shore Tour Manager: John Hunt

Cabin Staff: Craig, Sean, Phil

Waiters - aboard or returning: Ortis Holmes, Mike Wills, William Deal, Villere Van Buren,
Bernard Johnson, Oliver Brue, Kevin Matthews, Travis Lang

Bussers: Gil, Patrick and Maurice

In regard to Cabin Staff and Bussers, didn't get a complete list of who was aboard and who was returning.

Amy and Buford are on the MQ

Too many people to keep track of, but so many many familiar smiling faces on that dear old boat we love so well - it's still like going home when you walk aboard!

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