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Date: May 06, 2006 at 20:20:17
From: Cap'n Walnut, []
Subject: Re: Delta Queen-Passed RH Downbound @ 41

Sam: I done lookt at that there plan of the MARJESS and have we got a deal fer you! Tom's got a real steam engine outta that there Peters Cartridge Company made in 1915 and nuther feller haz a biler that would spin it real good...nuf to get seven er ten miles per hour (you c'n allus throttle her back if you only wants seven). Your deck house will bout be enuff fer the engine and could sleep on the roof behint the pilot house! U shudda been at Big Bone Landing today. It came over Tom to launch MISSIE for the first time. Lessee now, got anchors, extry line, PFDs all around, throwable seat cushions, fuel, water, steam up, distress signal 'n all that there other stuff the Coasties likes to see, so he puts in the plugs (2) and sets er in the water as pretty as you pleeze. It was then that he seen the vehicle and trailer of the Rabbit Police what has the authority to pinch boaters. The trailer wuz a sittin' there empty tellin 'im the Rabbit Sheriff was done out on the water! You shoulda seen him scamper that little steamer MISSIE back on her trailer and outta th' water. A near thing it was...MISSIE's registration done expired last Sunday! Whew!

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