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Date: May 06, 2006 at 06:48:38
From: Tom Schiffer, []
Subject: Re: Delta Queen

John: I'll answer this for the Cap'n (he's still abed this know how it is at his age). Well, John, the last time I saw the Queen in town (last summer), we tried to get on. They wanted to see my Delta Queen Steamboat Ambassador's card...which past DQSC passengers can have. Well, we had ridden the AQ and the Miss Q, but we didn't have a card. So I contacted Bruce Nerenburg (sp), then Pres of DQSC and he saw to it that we got them. The watchman did not know what the card was but disappeared on board and came back welcoming us on board. We had to pony up our driver's license while aboard, but it was a small price to pay. We could even go to the engine limits when under way only...and spent some little time there (they even have a guest register there). But by that time, my camera laid down on the job and I got no pix in the engine room. Miss Carol was more interested in the state rooms, but I think most of them were named after Rhode Island! It had to be in 1954 or 1955 since I had been aboard. She usta hibernate the winter right there at the Greene Line Wharf and I simply went aboard back then. There was a watchman in the engine room who welcomed me and the only crew in sight on either the wharf boat or the boat itself. All the other Greene boats were gone by then. I talked to the engineer on duty during the race and he said that they did, and do, not run full stroke on the high pressure engine as it uses too much steam if they do and slows her down. Keith Baylor may be interested in this. She has a different valve gear than the BELLE of LOU. but both have poppet valves. The QUEEN seems to have eccentrics off the wheel shaft ala Stephenson valve gear (California cutoff??). Anyway, John, you may have such a card as is needed to get on in your wallet...if not, application to the DQSC may turn the trick. Good luck! To this day, I have never been on the QUEEN when under way!

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