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Date: May 05, 2006 at 20:39:07
From: Cap'n Walnut, []
Subject: Delta Queen

Wholly Smoke! visited on the Delta Queen today. I was told that I just missed Cap'n Don who came into Ragtown on her. Got to go in the engine room 'n see them there big engines, shiny brass 'n copper spitton 'n everthing. Din't know no body. Hadn't been there since 1955 or so. Guess they had a shift change since then! They wuz advertisin the "Rabbit Hash,Center of the Universe film on board and it looked like they had the Chris Green lite fixtures in the Orleans room...reflectin' offa them ironwood planked floors all shined up like a mirror. They tore up more'n one floor sander on that wood methinks. She sure looks good fer an ole gal!

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