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Date: May 05, 2006 at 10:34:51
From: Lexie Palmore, [verified user]
Subject: Re: Delta Queen Smoke - Sanding Flues?

All that black smoke is the same thing as flooding the engine in a car. Too much gas and the thing won't go. More oil is being sent into the firebox than can combust and therefore, comes out as black, oily smoke and is not helping the steam pressure one iota. The Delta Queen is notorious for making the blackest smoke I ever saw, but this only happens when someone or something isn't operating correctly. The DQ doen't need to do this in a race with the Belle. All she has to do is procede as normal and she will beat the Belle.

The occasional film crew has asked us to make smoke on the Graceful Ghost, so we are prepared. The scrap lumber we get for fuel is pine, and occasionally a board will be very heavy and loaded with resin. We set these boards aside to use for show biz and to jump start a slow fire. Appropriately enough we call these boards "Hollywood" because they usually produce more smoke than the regular pine. To increase the combustion of these boards and eliminate the smoke, we use a jet of steam in the smoke stack to increase the draft and thus produce a hotter fire and more steam. Or if it's for show biz, we just let it smoke.

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