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Date: May 05, 2006 at 06:00:04
From: Bob Reynolds, [verified user]
Subject: Re: Delta Queen Smoke - Sanding Flues?

I will defer to others who are far more knowlegable than I about this, but here is what I know and/or have heard. The DQ can and does "smoke it up" for effect, and it is relatively easy for the fireman to do. However, it is a waste of fuel and BTU's (heat), which means less steam for the engines. So, they can do it, and it has happenned on race day (unintended). My understanding of this unintentional smoking is that the fireman is trying too hard to get the most out of her, but I could be very wrong on this part.

One time we were at Nauvoo, IL making a commercial for Merril Lynch. They filmed a bull in the foreground running in a field, with the DQ paddling around in circles in the background. The director was in contact with the boat via radio, and asked for "a little bit of smoke". Capt. Gabe called the fireman (Vern -- don't remember his last name) and asked for a little smoke. The enxt thing we knew, you couldn't see anything anywhere within a half-mile of the boat he let 'em have so much smoke!

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