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Date: May 04, 2006 at 20:00:10
From: James King, []
Subject: Time to set the record straight

after watching this race, and looking at the stats, look like it may be time for the results of my "Semi-scientific study" about the legitmacy of this race

yes we all have heard the urban myths or what have you, more horsepower=More speed, but if you will consider some things both past and present

#1 Observe the pic below taken below. I know it has been awhile since the queen was last in town, but with the way she was smokin and the way that wheel was digging in that river, you know she wanted this race. Also, consider that if the queen was as powerful as may say that she is, why would she want or need to go that hard to win a race over a boat that many say is inferior??

#2 you can go to any site and look up the stats on each vesel, yes it is true that the queen has more HP than that of the belle, but for those that saw me fly around the corner in my little red truck, you would have to think this, a semi is bigger and has more power than my little 4 cylinder engine, but i bet you i could outrun it straight up anyday. but this is besides the point, both boats top out at about 12 mile an hour, thanks to Lucette from the DQ for the stats on the boat.but depending on who you ask, some say 10, and others say 12, so ok, she tops out at about 10-12mph
It has been said that the belle also tops out at 10-12. Travis mentioned that in yesterday's race, the belle got up to about 11, but according to captians mullen and dotty, the belle tops out at 12, other media sources say 10 as well, so ok again 10-12mph for the belle.

So for two boats that are so evenally matched, how can one have an advantage over the other??? well i say onto all of you look over this first, then class shall continue with the rest of my "research"

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