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Date: March 11, 2006 at 22:13:40
From: Harry Walker, []
Subject: Re: Gordon C. Greene/River Queen 'crystal articles.'

I was in St Louis when the River Queen was moored along the levee. I ate in the restaurant on numerous occasions.

When the river claimed the boat, debris was dredged up onto a flat barge and off-loaded further south of mooring site where the frozen piles of mud/debris were then auctioned off. I was one of the buyers of a frozen pile. I paid $12.50. From the pile, I recovered menus, flowered carpeting, a mast, a fire extinguisher and various other items. Unfortunately, the carpeting which I spent weeks cleaning was stolen as was the mast.

However, I still have some of the menus and MOST importantly I have a lot of the letters that were on the side of the boat with the names "Memphis", "St Louis" etc. I also have some of the wooden trim that decorated the upper part of the boat.

If anyone is interested in seeing these items, they are stored in my garage and I can photograph them and send them as an e-mail attachment.


Harry Walker / Washington University - MA 1964

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