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Date: January 23, 2003 at 00:18:50
From: Franz Neumeier, []
Subject: Re: sorry for the message confusion -NOT US,PLEASE!!...

To avoid confusion some additional word to this case:

Yes, I'm of course able to delete messages on this board.

No, I usually don't delete messages.

There are only a few reasons for me to delete a message:
1. by request of the author of the message.
2. in case of extremely aggressive or inappropriate postings.
3. in case of excessive and totally off topic nonsense.

I this case it was reason 3.: The content of the deleted posting was something like "jjkkjkg" or "dlkjll sucks".

I hope you all agree that it makes sense to delete such messages for not encouraging destructive and unfriendly people to destroy our wonderful forum and community.

So: Paul and Lil, don't worry at all! Of course I won't ever delete messages from you. You're very, very welcome here. Sorry for the confusion my first message obviously caused.


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