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Date: January 18, 2003 at 12:20:34
From: Steve Huffman, []
Subject: Re: List of Greene Line boats and years under Greenes

URL: Barbara H Sternwheel Towboat

Hey Judy,

I see you listed the CARY BIRD. Do you (or anyone) have any details about that boat? The only info I have is that it was built in 1925(?) for use as an auto-carrier.. but that makes me wonder if it was a barge, diesel towboat, steam towboat(or packet?).

The CARY BIRD is now the Wharf Restaurant at Madison's cityfront. The hull was foamed a few years ago. I guess they were remodeling this fall and forgot about the foam when they were torching a hole in the deck. Fortunately they got the foam fire put out before the whole thing went to the bottom.. Gosh, I hope they never have a grease fire in the kitchen!!!


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