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Date: May 27, 2005 at 15:02:59
From: Donna , []
Subject: Re: Gordon C. Greene/River Queen

My father was a crane operator in the 1960's and was the one clamming for wreckage of the sunken River Queen. Recently my mother brougtht me several artifacts from the wreckage including salt shakers, pencil sharpeners and small suvenier type plates--many of the pieces still having mud on them just as they came out of the water. I remember my father telling me the story of having retrieved the cast iron bell from the bell tower of the ship. Unfortunately, the anchor chain was also caught in the bucket with the bell. As he tried to free the chain and still keep the bell, there was not enough slack from the chain to get the bell ashore. The bell dropped into the Mississippi and as far as he knew, it was never recovered. He always regretted that lost piece of history sinking back into the muddy water. Is there a museum where the River Queen artifacts are kept now?

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