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Date: January 16, 2003 at 06:31:46
From: Jane G.
Subject: A Quickie about Jimmy Carter

Your visitations to your memories of Jimmy Carter are fascinating!Just thought I'd add a wee fact about his kindness. My mother sent him her book Long Live the Delta Queen after he returned from his trip. He wrote her a lengthy thank you note which she certainly didn"t expect. Then later, when she was hospitalized several times with various things, he sent her get-well cards in the hospital! THe nurse's were amazed to see her cards from Pres. Carter with the pre.seal sitting there among a host of others. Just thought that was very nice of him. Plentya people had forgotten Letha Greene by then, that's for sure, but old Jimmy remembered her. Also, to add a bit of levity, when mom was autographing her book, she asked ME what I thought she should say on there. I said that I had heard that they stayed in room 338 which was frequentyly occupied by my parents years ago, so I said, I think you oughta say "Best wishes to the only President who ever slept in my room!" She howled but refrained. Also, mom never did figure out how he found out that she was in the hospital??

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