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Date: January 15, 2003 at 10:11:55
From: R. Dale Flick, []
Subject: A word of 'thanks' & Greene family ancestry.

Hi, gang:
Jane, Judy, Keith, Phyllis etc., your kind words are much appreciated. I tackled the little history project for 'all of you' on this wonderful web.

Greene Ancestry.

Lord Alexander de Greene de Boketon, grandson of a Norman noble, received his title and estates from King John in 1066. [*North Hamptonshire, England] He originated the Greene coat of arms: bucks [*bokes] on a field of green; and the crest: bucks heads surmounting a knights helmet.

Dr. John Greene, a surgeon, Salisbury, England, was the first descendent of Lord Greene to come to America. In 1635, Dr. Greene settled in Salem, Mass. John Greene, Dr. Greene's great-grandson [*5th generation] brought his wife and ten children to the Ohio Valley in 1796.

Cheers, hugs, laughs,
R. Dale Flick
PS> We have Gordon Greene's sons--and thousands of other young men & women in the military at this time--in our hearts during the days of this uncertain 'deployment' to the Persian Gulf region.

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