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Date: April 01, 2005 at 19:01:52
From: Capt John R Clatto, []
Subject: Re: 1979 Delta Queen Presidential trip

I Remember that trip like it was yeaterday.We were on
a towing vessel going south on the upper mississippi.
It seemed like a race in my mind,The river was running
a little faster then normal,from the rains that had
been coming down.If the delta Queen was in the area
of any locks and or bridges,Towing vessels couldn"t
transit the area 3 hrs before the Delta Queen
showed up in the area.So this was like a race to me
to try to get down stream of the Queen.This way we
could get out of the delays.I remember at one time
at parie de chane,one of the capt off a towing was talking to the Capt on the Delta Queen making passing
agreement.Then out of the blue he asked if pres Carter
was up around the boat and the next thing jimmy carter
was on the vhf raido talking to us.Then the race was
all worth it.well just a little from my trip down
river the following the 1979 presidential trip.
John R Clatto

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