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Date: January 29, 2005 at 11:52:10
From: Jacob Smith, []
Subject: Re: List of Greene Line boats and years under Greenes

I was just wondering how awesome it is to ride in a steamboat? I have never rode in one before but i have always dreamed of riding in one. I am even trying to save up enought money to buy one. Although, it does seem to be very impossible right now, i just have my dreams i guess. Is it cool to ride in one. AH...the pleasures of riding in a steamboat. AHHHHH. well sorry for the bothering if this is bothering stuff, but i am just crazy about steamboats. This site is the coolest. also, i found this one site and it had pictures of prototype steamboats. here are some pics. soooo cool... anyway talk to you guys later. ;)

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