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Date: January 08, 2003 at 15:18:28
From: Travis C. Vasconcelos, []
Subject: Re: Goldenrod Showboat - Update


Believe it or not, the Majestic calliope today is run by the IU Alumni Association. They have no records that we can find as to Melinda Vaprin having been the calliope player or being an Alumni.

We are underwritten by IUPUI, in Indianapolis. It is too deep politically for me to follow...I just fire the boiler, run the water pump and generator, play the calliope, and act as road manager for the unit when we are on outtings.

I will try the Courier Journal. I have a few free days coming up...I'll have to look into that.

I'd love to see Capt. Gabe's instrument back on the "Belle". I don't know that anyone would be too excited to play a tracker (I know I'd have a blast...but, do you think anyone else would?).

We could put the current calliope (a great instrument in it's own right...David Morecraft built the best set of Thomas J. Nichol replica whistles I have even seen or heard for us) over on the M/V Spirit of Jefferson (she needs SOMETHING to make her a little more steamboaty).

I have all the ideas, don't I?!?!?! He, he, he!


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