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Date: November 19, 2004 at 06:47:14
From: Judy Patsch, []
Subject: Re: What Year The Ohio River Froze Over

As someone mentioned, we on the Upper Miss are used to the river freezing over. The last couple of years it hasn't frozen here, but that's a rarity. Another rarity occurred several years ago when it froze over early and hard. Numerous tows were trapped up here, they literally tied off somewhere and the crews were taken ashore. The tows just sat there until the spring thaw. I remember the WJ having great coverage of the event, wish I could remember the year. And of course in the pre-electric refrigerator days, the river was a great source of ice blocks for ice boxes. I've got a picture of a Streckfus boat wintering in Credit Island slough and right next to it men are standing on the ice cutting out ice blocks. Generally our navigation season closes the beginning of December and opens again the end of February.

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