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Date: December 23, 2002 at 07:30:28
From: Elaine Santangelo, []
Subject: Re: Capt. Tom Greene's 'Christmas,' Dec., 17, 1946.

Interesting reading. It is amazing yet common how many of us have our heroes so close to home. I consider my dad and my daughters my heroes and yet I know they consider me theirs.

Yet how do we define a hero? There have been many interesting opinions on that subject because heroes are usually people who come through in extraordinary circumstances.

There is a restaurant here in New England called Travel & Books- they specialize in turkey sandwiches but they also have a unique thing or gimick. They collect all kinds of donated books and every patron of the restaurant is encouraged and welcomed to take home 1 book with the purchase of their meal. Additional books cost extra but a patron can get 1 free book. Some years ago, the book I brought home was called, "They Rose Above It" - a collection of true stories of everyday heroes. When I flipped open the book, the heroine was from my hometown of Waltham, Massachusetts so at that moment I decided it was fate telling me to get that particular book. It turned out that short story was also my favorite in the collection.

Here's hoping everyone is having a merry Christmas- it's been busy up here but I want the snow to come back for a white Christmas.

Cheers : )

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