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Date: December 19, 2002 at 12:36:25
From: R. Dale Flick ('GABBY'), []
Subject: Re: 'Another' famous Capt. Mary B. Greene 'quote.'

Hi, again, Pat, Phyllis, Jane, Judy, Keith--everybody:
The old GREENE LINE STEAMERS 75th Anniversary book (1965) has a quote in tandem with Gordon C. Greene's (see previous posting down the 'thread') under their black/white photo portraits. It may be of interest/use to DQ CO., and our steamboat supporters.

1. "When you marry a riverman, you marry the river too. That's the code of steambotin'"

Here's another of her quotes from a 1948 interview she did with a local writer I found in some manuscripts. I mailed a copy to Jane Greene a couple of years ago. Credit: The late Andrew G. Espy. It has word-for-word interview with her covering early years of the GREENE LINE (even memories of the big World's Fair, 1904 on the Str. GREENLAND) up to the DELTA QUEEN, which, as she mentions, was being refurbished at the time of Espy's visit in the main cabin of the Str. GORDON C. GREENE here at the old wharfboat. No hand tape recorders then and he took all down in notes and converted to his interesting manuscript.

2. "Once you ride between two stacks, you're doomed to ride upon a rivercraft until you're tomed."

Hope this helps the cause. I deeply apologize for several postings already today and, perhaps, saying too much on the old GREENE LINE. Let me know if I am. Working here at my desk.
R. Dale Flick

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