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Date: December 13, 2002 at 11:44:35
From: Elaine Santangelo, []
Subject: Re: More 'Moth Man' & Ghosts.

Hi Jane,
That's my point- it really doesn't matter if you write it for the money so who cares if only 10 people buy it. My book project (tentatively titled The Best Bartender- my adventures on the riverboats queens) has kept the few relatives and friends laughing. I've outlined 20 chapters that are all separate stories and drafted about 5 chapters. I am following the advice of Steven King (of horror story fame) and making it a point to write every day and not to re-write or edit at first but go back and do that later and then edit a lot. Get rid of all the stuff that doesn't really need to be there and only entertains yourself and not the reader. For that reason, I am not sharing what I have written outside of a very small circle.

However imagine if your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have your version of what it was like to be Mary Greene's granddaughter, of what you recall of your mother's troubles with the ol' boys network, of your own love affair with the river. It is true that many books like that are ego-driven and can be dull reading but don't think negatively- look at the positive- people on this board enjoy your postings, the people you share a table with enjoy your stories--- share them with the world and let the world decide if it wants them. Don't do it for the money- do it for the love of the river and the fact you have a great story.

In an excellent movie- The Legend of 1900 (about a man who lives his entire life on an ocean liner and is a virtuoso piano player)- there is a line, "You've never really lost if you have a great story and someone to tell it to."

So, take your time but start writing those stories. Describe your first boat trip. Do a chapter that paints a word portrait of your mother. Another chapter on the funniest thing that ever happened- the scariest thing- you get the picture : )

Oh- but keep posting here too- Thanks Franz and Carmen again- great forum.

Cheers : )

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