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Date: December 07, 2002 at 23:32:48
From: Elaine Santangelo, []
Subject: Re: Elaine Santangelo's 'sailor' career/DQ Etc..

Hi Dale,

The big water boats scare me. I like to sail smaller boats. Although 30 years ago, I met my husband on a cruise to the Bahamas. We divorced 18 years later.

I used to teach sailing in Everett Washington. I also taught canoeing and led a few river trips in canoes down the Snohomish River. I was surprised that the average age of my canoe students who wanted the river trip was actually over 60. The Snohomish River is a very tame river and the trips were scheduled in the Fall with a lot of bird watching going on. I had to learn how to drive a mini-bus that pulled a trailor of canoes. That terrified me more than the river. Frankly my job with the Parks and Recreation department was one of my favorite ones along with tending bar on the American Queen and the Mississippi Queen. I realize it is an eclectic experience but I am currently working on my own book about my experiences steamboatin'. I've got about 5000 words written but I've barely started. At least the people I've shared it with have been laughing when they read it and that was my main aim.

I don't have any Santangelo relatives in Cinci but who knows- they could be related on a distant basis. My grandfather played oboe with the New York Philharmonic and knew some interesting people in his day including Albert Einstein.

However, I have to go back to emphasizing that one of the things I liked best about steamboatin' was collecting other people's stories. I am fascinated by all of the postings of the Greene family. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge of all of you about steamboats and their history. I have always been a curious person- that's why my career path has been so crazy.

Anyway, keep up all those fascinating postings- it is a joy to read. Thanks Carmen and Franz : )

Cheers : )

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