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Date: December 06, 2002 at 17:37:32
From: Phyllis Dale, []
Subject: Reply to Dale's Posting

Hi Dale,

I'm back from Kenya and Wales. Two very different countries but the people are so beautiful and friendly.
This was our 5th visit to Wales. My first to Kenya but definitely not my last. I love Kenya. Flew into Nairobi and had 2 game drives everyday. The photos I took are priceless. Visited the Samburu and Maisi villages and left a part of my heart at each one.

As soon as I return from a trip, I read the postings I've missed. Franz and Carmen can be proud that this site has become a precious history book.

Gary and I want to wish you and all the readers a blessed holiday season. Wish we could have cruised on one of the steamboats this Christmas but timewise it couldn't be worked out. The boats are always decorated so beautiful. If anyone wants a traditional Christmas, just ride on one of the steamboats. You sure won't be disappointed.

Steamboatin' Hugs (they're the best), Phyllis

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