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Date: December 05, 2002 at 20:21:25
From: Elaine Santangelo, []
Subject: Re: Additional St. Charles & the GOLDENROD.

Grant proposals are tricky wickets. I have been involved with them before because of my involvement with non-profits as an employee and for a different non-profit museum on their board of directors.

They are really very political and it helps to know the members of the board who will be making the decision concerning the grants. If you can find out who, you can target their interests. Do a little research on who's who. That does not mean that you shouldn't make a sincere effort on why you think your cause is noteworthy but ultimately if the people reading the grant are not river people, it doesn't matter whether you would be willing to foot some of the bill or not. They may not understand riverboating.

FYI- I am really new to steamboatin'. I loved my experiences on the AQ and the MQ but when they ultimately let me go rather than the other way around, it took the wind out of my sails. (Uh, I was a sailor before I was a steamboater).

My only other advice is to be as concise as possible- there is grant money out there for many causes and perhaps the Goldenrod could get lucky.

One last note- thanks Carmen and Franz for the forum. Thank you to the Greene family- WOW what neat reading. : ) Thank you Judy for the pictures- love 'em. And as always, thank you Phyllis for so many reasons that you know well.

the Boston Brat (who now lives at River Landings in New Hampshire).

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