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Date: November 17, 2002 at 17:12:27
From: Gordon C Greene
Subject: Remembering Letha Greene

Who,of course, is my Mom. On Nov 18,1985 she passed away after a vey brief illness. So this is the 17th year following her death. I don't like to say the 17th anniversary of her death -- sounds like something to celebrate. But it is a time to remember.

When she died,she was 80 and her connection with the river may have been longer than any other of the Greenes having met my Dad when she was in her 20's ( while taking an afternoon cruise when the Tom Greene or the Chris Greene was in the Huntington area I believe.)

If Mom wasn't connected with the river the longest, she was certainly the one who kept the Delta Queen alive in the pretty dark days of 1958. This dear woman was a school teacher really. In 1958, she was just 8 years a widow and had taken over the very hard and thankless job of running a company that was not in good shape. The river back then was not what it is today and steamboat travel/vacation/tourist/demand had little of the charm that exists today. Keeping the DQ in business in those days was a gigantic job. And she did it.

Without her effort, grace, serenity, and selflessness, I doubt that the DQ would have survived to become the landmark that it is today. I believe she was loved by everyone who ever knew her. And she was so unassuming. She was truly the embodiment of every good thing that the river and the DQ stand for. I am one lucky man to have had a Mom like her. Cheers to all, Gordon C Greene

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