[ Future of the Delta Queen Steamboat Co Boats ]

Date: October 04, 2002 at 13:26:36
From: Frank X. Prudent
Subject: S.S. BADGER

There is one coal fired passenger steamboat on the Great Lakes which is still operating. Although she is not driven by a paddlewheel, her two bronze props drive her at 18 mph through the clear blue waters of Lake Michigan. She has two Skinner Uniflow steeple reciprocating engines turning her props at approximately 90 rpm when running on a full bell.

Many of the sounds of this living breathing steamboat are the same that can be heard on a paddlewheeler! The same hissing sound that the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE's cylinder cock vents make as they spew spent steam out near the water line are the same, along with many other sounds. Like the sounds that happy passengers make. One of the BADGER's sounds hasn't been heard on a Mississippi River steamboat in years! The sounds of the coal ash extracter as it washes the clinkers overboard died when coal was replaced by oil.

For more info, the BADGER's website is

I was on the BADGER for an early fall crossing from Ludington, MI. to Manitowoc, WI. last week and the weather was as splendid as the BADGER.

In Manitowoc at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum they are installing a marine triple expansion steam engine that will be rolled by an electric motor when the new part of the museum opens to the public. Right now it can be spied through the museum's front windows.

[ Future of the Delta Queen Steamboat Co Boats ]

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