Claire E.

Marietta, OH

The Claire E. is just a couple of yards away from the W. P. Snyder Jr. on the other side of the Muskingum river in Marietta.

The boat was originally built as a diesel sternwheel towboat by Dravo and Sardish, Neville Island, PA, for Clyde Paden and J.C. Williamson in 1926. She was rebuilt in 1967 at Fly, OH. She is 114 feet long and 18 feet wide. In March 1939 she was sold to Monongahela & Ohio Dredging co., in 1960 to Beaver Towing and in 1962 to Seneca Towing. In 1966 the boat was purchased by Gene and Claire Fitch of Hebron, OH, and renamed in 1967. They converted her to pleasure boat.

Claire E. at Marietta, OH 

Under the ownership of Harley Noland the Claire E. was refurbished as a bed and breakfast. 2003 the boat was sold to Dr. Roger Anderson who will keep her in Marietta as bed and breakfast and also cruise the Ohio river.

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