Paddlewheel Steamboat Picture Galleries

This Steamboats Picture Galleries are representing most of today's still existing paddlewheel steamboats in the US and Canada. Most of them are not active steamboats any more but land-based, museum boats or converted to diesel. Some of the steamers are still active, though.

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Delta Queen

The legendary Greene Line boat, now Delta Queen Steambat Co., built 1924 - 1927.

Mississippi Queen

Second boat of the Delta Queen Steamboat Co, built in 1973-75, scrapped in 2011.

Belle of Louisville

Built 1914 as Idlewild, later named Avalon; now based in Louisville, KY.

W. P. Snyder jr.

1918-built towboat; Ohio River Museum at Marietta, OH.

American Queen

Biggest boat on the rivers, built in 1994.

Julia Belle Swain

Extraordinarily beautiful boat built in 1971, steam powered.


1975 build sternwheeler cruising in the harbor of New Orleans.

Becky Thatcher

Romantic, old-style showboat on the Muskingum River in Marietta, OH.

S.S. Klondike

The last remaining historic paddlewheel steamboat on the Yukon River, today on display as a museum ship at Whitehore, Y.T.

S.S. Tutshi

Remainings of a historic sternwheel steamboat at Carcross, Yukon Territory, after she burnt down in 1990.

Claire E.

Former diesel towboat from 1926, close to the W. P. Snyder jr. at Marietta, OH.

City of Baton Rouge

1916-built ferry boat, now landing bridge for the Twilight at Le Claire, Iowa.

City of Clinton

Former towboat Omar, renamed Rhododendron, now museum and show boat at Clinton, Iowa.

George M. Verity

Former S. S. Thorpe, now serving as living steamboat museum at Keokuk, Iowa.


Towboat; Mississippi River Museum at Dubuque, Iowa.

Lone Star

Wooden hull towboat of 1890, now at the Buffalo Bill Museum at Le Claire, Iowa.

William M. Black

Built 1934, now part of the Mississippi River Museum at Dubuque, Iowa.


former Sidewheeler of 1933, last use as casino boat.

Delta King

Sister of the Delta Queen; now restaurant in Old Sacramento, California.


1938 built Streckfuss boat, now serving as casino.

Mamie S. Barrett

towboat from 1921.

Barbara H.

Towboat, built in 1923; in service for 77 years until December 2000.


Historic Showboat of 1909.

Chris Greene

Packet boat, built 1925; some remainings of the hull still existing.

Showboat Majestic

Historic Showboat of 1923.

Maneuverboat 35

Work boat from the Army Corps or Engineers, now part of an exhibit at Hannibal Locks & Dam on the Ohio River.

Boone No. 7

historic Ohio River ferry boat from 1935.

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