Picture Gallery: American Queen

The pictures of the American Queen are from her time with Delta Queen Steamboat Company and Majestic America Line. It’s easy to distinguish these two time periods as Majestic America Line applied a blue-and-red color sceme to the American Queen with a dark red, or maroon colored paddlewheel, while Delta Queen Steamboat Company maintained a clean, white exterior design with just the paddelwheel in bright red.

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The American Queen is 418 feet long and 89 feet 4” high. Equipped with 222 staterooms the “Queen” gives room for up to 436 passengers. The American Queen has a calliope with 37 gold-plated brass pipes, specially built for the American Queen.

The American Queen has been christened in 1995 by the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. In October 2001, due to the bankruptcy of the parental company of the Delta Queen Steamboat Co., the American Classical Voyages, the American Queen went out of service. In January 2003, she went back in service after the Delta Queen Steamboat Co. had been bought by Delaware North Companies, Inc.

Delaware north sold the DQSC to Ambassadors International, Inc. which started the “Majestic America Line” and operated the American Queen amongst other paddlewheeler cruise ships until end of 2008, when Majestic America Line ceased operations, leaving the American Queen on idle with the MARAD on a lake near Beaumont Texas.

From April 2012 on the new Great American Steamboat Company will now give the American Queen a new life as a magnificent paddlewheeler river cruise ship, hopefully with a bright future and many happy passengers for the years to come.