Exemption bill H.R. 1961 in favor of the Delta Queen passes House of Representatives

September 26th, 2013

The passing of bill H.R. 1961 in the House of Representatives is a major step in the the direction of bringing the Delta Queen back on the rivers as a cruise ship. On Wednesday, September 25th 2013, the House has approved the bill that would grant the historic Delta Queen a 15 years exemption from a fire-retardant materials construction requirement. Rep. Steve Chabot of Cincinnati, who was fighting for the Delta Queen for many years now has led the now successful motion in the House.

The House voted 280 to 89 in favor of the Delta Queen with almost all Republicans voting with “yea”, while Democrats voted 82 to 84 against the bill.

The bill now has to pass Senate, where the Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown [Ohio] leeds the efforts which co-sponsors Sens. Rob Portman [R-Ohio], Mary Landrieu [D-La.], and David Vitter [R-La.]. After passing the Senate the bill eventually has to be signed by President Barack Obama who as a Senator had been supportive of the Delta Queen exemption back in 2008/2009 but didn’t actively support the case while running for president.

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