Building the Queen of the Mississippi

We’re presenting pictures from the planning and building period of the Queen of the Mississippi: a few renderings how the boat is supposed to look like when finished, and pictures from the building process at the Chesapeake Shipyard in Maryland.

The Queen of the Mississippi is about the same length as the Delta Queen however, a little wider. The Queen of the Mississippi will have 140 passengers, the Delta Queen had a capacity of 176 passengers when operating as a cruise ship.

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Thanks very much to Richard Peters and Laverne ‘Sid’ Sidler, who both had the chance to visit the shipyard on September 26, 2011, and sent us a few pictures of the boat as it looked like at thie time. We’re posting Richard’s and Sid’s pictures with permission from Charles Robertson, President of American Cruise Lines and Richard Peters as well as Sid Sidler (who both took some photos). Charles Robertson personally gave a tour of the new paddlewheeler, Glenda Sidler being he first passenger putting a foot on the new ship, closely followed by┬áRichard and Sid.