American Queen’s design to be reverted to the look of 1995

November 8th, 2011
American Queen, 2005 at St. Louis

American Queen, 2005 at St. Louis

The Great American Steamboat Company is renovating the steamboat American Queen and will revert her design to the clean and crisp look of her early days when she has been launched in 1995. That’s the design steamboat fans liked most and that’s as close as can be to the look of many historic paddlewheelers.

After Ambassadors International bought the American Queen together with other steamboats and riverboats from Delaware North Companies, Inc. the then newly formed and now bancrupt cruise line Majestic America Line decided to change the design of the American Queen, very much to the dismay of her fans. Majestic America Line logos replaced the original Delta Queen Steamboat Company’s eagle, removed the yellow/golden stars from the bow, red and blue trimmings were added, parts of the boat were painted dark blue and the color of the paddlewheel changed from bright red to maroon.

Great American Steamboat Company has now decided to redesign the paddlewheel steamboat to its original appearance with nearly all white livery. The inaugural voyage of the American Queen will start in New Orleans on April 13, 2012. The American Queen will also pick up an old tradition started by the historic Delta Queen and will go to Louisville, KY, to race the Belle of Louisville in May, tratidionally in the week of the Kentucky Derby. This cruise will be a 4 nights cruise out of Cincinnati, May 4-8, 2012.

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