American Cruise Lines renews “The Eagle Society” loyalty program

January 18th, 2013

American Cruise Lines is renewing its loyalty program “The Eagle Society”, featuring new benefits for repeat passengers. Amongst the benefits for loyal customers are free cruises and land excursions as well as the opportunity to invite family and friends aboard for a tour of the boat or ship or to join them for meals.

In detail, this are the benefits for members of ACL’s “The Eagle Society” loyalty program:

  • Complimentary cruise – Upon completion of 10 cruises with American Cruise Lines, Eagle Society members are rewarded with a complimentary cruise.
  • Complimentary shore excursions – After an Eagle Society member has cruised three times, shore excursion fees are waived on all cruises booked thereafter.
  • Special Eagle Society gifts – Member gifts range from customized officers jackets to champagne.
  • Membership identification – Customized luggage tags indicate Eagle Society belongings and special nametags indicate the number of cruises taken by each member.
  • Invitations to exclusive Eagle Society cruises – Each year, several dates are chosen for exclusive Eagle Society member cruises. These sailings are hosted by company executives and include special tours, receptions and entertainment.
  • Hometown VIP access – When a ship is in a port near a member’s hometown, American Cruise Lines extends a VIP invitation to come aboard for lunch or dinner.
  • Non-guest visitation and dining– When in port, members may invite friends or family aboard for a tour of the ship or to join them for meals.
  • Eagle Society-only savings and promotions – Members are privy to various special offers.

“As far as we can tell, American Cruise Lines has the highest repeat customer rate in the industry,” said Timothy Beebe, Vice President, American Cruise Lines. “We want to reward our repeat guests for their loyalty with benefits that create the most memorable and enjoyable cruise experience possible, and one which gets better with each cruise they take.” – “Many of our guests have already begun to take advantage of the new benefits, following the well-received 2012 initiatives,” added Beebe. “This year will be extremely rewarding for our Eagle Society members and we look forward to welcoming them aboard.”

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